Twenty-five cornish cross chicks arrived

Looks like I will have my hands full over the next 8 weeks.

Hart to Hart Farms

Twenty-five cornish cross chicks arrived

Thank you Mcmurry

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I have never felt comfortable writing. In school I would almost panic at just the thought of having to come up with something to write about. On top of that, I have to worry about proper grammar and correct punctuation marks.  Yea for spell check!

Yet despite my past fears I still desire to be able to express and share my heart in words.  May this blog inspire you to take risks and pursue your hearts passion.  I do not put my trust in my own ability.  Many have heard the scripture ” I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. ” Phil 4:13.  My hope is not in the here after but a living hope. When I placed my faith in the shed blood of Jesus I died and rose with Jesus.  The life I live, I now live by the faith of Jesus.  Hab 2:4. We became one with Jesus and our heavenly Father.  John 17:20 -26. John 16: 33 tells us that tribulation will come but do not fear because Jesus has overcome the world.  Remember he in us and we in him. We have become one just as he and the Father are one. There is nothing that we will face in life that we have not already overcome because Christ now lives in me. The only thing we have to do to receive it is to believe it.

Time to Step Out

I wanted to start this blog to document my experiences with Holy Spirit as we step out together to glorify Jesus. Two thousand years ago he withheld nothing from us and I want to do the same for him.  Ten years ago the Lord open my eyes to the fact that the majority of believers have missed it. Including myself. What do I mean by “it”?  The message, the message of the gospel, the nearly too good to be true gospel.  Jesus came to set us free and now it is for us to do like wise. Mark 16: 14 -18.  I tried to act on this belief by steping out of my comfort zone and praying for people. Unfortunately intimidation and fear of man would dominate me and I found it easier to hide and not try.  Still I continued to preach the word, pray for the sick and raise the dead hundreds of times in my mind.  Yet as the revalation of Jesus’s deep and unconditional love became more and more real to me so did my love for him.  When you love some one the way he loves us you will do anything for them.  I knew he loved me and expected nothing from me.  He revealed to me  that he enjoyed hanging out with me and watching me enjoy what he had given me. Just the same way I feel about my kids. I don’t love them for what they can do for me.  Yet when you fall in love with someone you start to love the things they love. You also desire to please them and will do anything for them. That’s when I knew it was time to step out.